We help you protect your business from the most vulnerable element:
“The human behaviour”


Eliminate administrators, get a highly secure network

White list for corporate applications, gray list for dangerous applications, blacklist for malware

At last, an effective solution against ransomware

Avoid having the same local password on all computers

Deny access of an application to local or remote folders

Centralized management and fully integrated with Active Directory

Visibility and analysis allow you to make sound decisions

Our Products

Simarks BestSafe offers a very effective solution for privilege management that allows organizations to reduce drastically the risk of security breaches on Windows systems without impacting productivity. At the same time,  it guarantees meeting company’s compliance guidelines.

The BestSafe administration tool is a rule-based tool that does not need a great dedication by the IT staff. With a simple and unique rule you can, for example, avoid the execution of “ransomware” on any computer on your network close to 100% of reliability.

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Simarks Deployment Manager

Simarks Deployment Manager (SDM) provides a solution for application management and deployment with a completely different and innovative approach. Based on privilege management at a process level, SDM allows you to build your own “Corporate Application Catalog” where is the end user who installs the applications without granting him administrator permissions.

This approach allows complete implementation of the principle of least privilege without impacting productivity.

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The Simarks Solution

Comprehensive safety management of Microsoft Windows-based
computers without affecting productivity

Privilege Management

Based on rules, BestSafe allows you to grant privileges to processes and applications as well as to users and computers.

Besides supporting traditional privilege management at a user level, BestSafe has the capability to build the security context under which an application must be executed, no matter the permissions that the account that launches the application has.

Permission Levels

Apply rules at application level for:
  • Avoid untrusted software to be executed.
  • Assign restricted permissions.
  • Assign administrator permissions.
  • Assign local groups.
  • Assign Windows privileges.

Password Management

Daily change of any local administrator password on every computer in the domain. Different for each computer.

Password management tool has the capability to obtain the password without connecting to the network.

Preventing Cybersecurity Attacks

Ability to deny access to both network and local folders that are been defined as protected. That way, any type of ransomware will not have access to the files on the network nor to protected folders.

Ability to control cryptographic operations that are going to be performed and request authorization before executing.

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Why Simarks?

Achieve full control of Privilege Management, Security and Deployment

Don’t let malware spread into your business

Around 95% of critical Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities would be mitigated by removing admin privileges.

Software Distribution joins Advanced Security

Build your own secure true IT self-service Corporate Application Catalog. Boost productivity and reduce time, costs and risks.

Privilege Management at user and process level

Implementing Principle of Least Privilege should not be a headache. Apply privilege management for either, users and applications.

Make your IT personnel as happy as your VIPs

Give your VIPs their requirements without impacting your IT personnel mood through an easy and secure way.

Flexibility and efficiency

Application deployment can be performed by the end user or it can be unattended and automatically deployed by using different categories:

  • On Demand
  • Mandatory
  • Uninstallation and/or forbidden
  • Periodic
  • Update
  • Repair
  • Urgent Deployment

Analysis and Reporting

Logs: Integration with any SIEM system by sending logs to a TCP or UDP port.

Permissions: monitoring on assignment of users to groups and process execution with elevated permissions.

Statistics: report use of applications and processes for license control, unauthorized software, etc.

Reporting: reporting on rule implementation.

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